Broaden my events audience

While the proximity of the venue and the quality of the event remain essential criteria in the choice of an outing, the associated services are today equally decisive for the public.

Promote access to your events

For many spectators, the simplicity of using a ticket office does not only facilitate access to an event, it conditions it. Mapado, by putting your audiences at the heart of its priorities, has designed a solution adapted to the different situations of purchase of your spectators. Whether you’re on the move, from a smartphone, or from a living room with a tablet or a computer, your audience enjoys a fluid ticket purchase experience in just three steps. By anticipating purchasing contexts, you make your event more accessible, increase the satisfaction of your audiences, and encourage the increase of your recipes.

Multiply the meeting points

By organizing your event multiposting quickly over dozens of online agendas, the Mapado multiposting module allows you to deploy your communication strategy in an optimal way. Choose the right media for your audience segmentation and give your programming more visibility. Coupled with the new generation of Mapado ticketing, this module automates the integration of your ticketing link in the description of your event on the selected agendas. You thus promote a spontaneous act of purchase, limiting the break of the course of your spectators between the discovery of your events and their reservations and have new channels of distribution.

Use the strength of the recommendation

Audiences like to be counseled and accompanied in their choices by people sharing their tastes. From this point of view, Mapado has designed in 2012 a media that values the diversity of cultural offerings, building on the social nature of exit practice. The performance of its geolocation and personalized recommendation processes, the simplicity of its interface, make the Mapado media a word-of-mouth amplifier. With simplified input tools, you can easily reference your events in a few clicks and get in touch with the many spectator profiles that make up the 600,000 regular users of the platform.

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